Alternate Gumball and Darwin
Gender: Male (both)
Age: 12 (Gumball)

10 (Darwin)

Species: Cat (Gumball)

Suckerfish (Darwin)

Also Known as: Alt!Gumball and Alt!Darwin
Friends: None mentioned
Debut: The Screwed-Up World of Gumball Part 2

Alternate Gumball and Darwin is a duo that debuted from The Screwed-Up World of Gumball Part 2. They look similar to their counterparts, but their personalities differ.


Alt!Gumball and Alt!Darwin heavily resemble the original Gumball and Darwin. However, they wear black hoodies over their attires (Alt!Darwin's hood covers half of his body) and Alt!Gumball's jeans seem slightly worn-out.


Alternate Gumball

Alt!Gumball is like Gumball, but is from a different reality. He may seem cheery and a goody-goody at school, but he is secretly depressed due to not winning Alternate Martha's feelings. Because of this, he prefers to hang with his buddy, Alt!Darwin.

Alternate Darwin

Alt!Darwin does not have as much of a similarity to Darwin. He is a bit overreactive to whatever he sees, and sometimes loathes his brother's precence. Despite this, he is usually there for his loner brother.