Gone With The Wind
Length Six Parts
Creator WikiStarter
Summary Part Two of The Letter From Emily.
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Date of Creation September 1, 2011


The lights went out, and everyone began to yell at the top of their lungs. And when the lights came back on, Penny was gone. And so was Gumball. The teachers came in and reported a kidnapping. For a brief moment, I could have sworn I saw Emily passing through the bushes outside the window. I had to do something. Just then, I heard police sirens outside, and in two minutes, the entire school was evacuated for investigation. I knew Emily was behind this. But I just didn't know where she was, or where she was keeping Gumball and Penny hostage. The teachers told us to sit down and MOVE NOWHERE. Miss Simian, of course, gave us those rules more strictly, but I wasn't listening. I had my mind on Emily. It's her fault. I need to find her, I thought. Just then a few kids started talking. I needed to get out, but the teachers were on guard. Just then, Tobias threw a spit ball at Miss Simian, and I had a chance. I sneaked out of the lunchroom and headed for the bushes. Just as I got there, I already saw a note. It was from her.

Hello, Stace. Do you think I would be that foolish? I know you were looking at me from the window. I've got everything just the way I wanted it.

And as I read the note, I turned around. Emily was looking at me behind the school fence. Her eyes were hungry looking. This had to be stopped. I began a wild goose chase. But she was just too fast. The farthest I got, and she was gone. Just than, a few teachers were heading my direction, so I hid the best I could. They didn't notice me, so I moved around. I burst into the classroom, but she wasn't there. I needed to think. Where could she have put Gumball and Penny. And my mind had an idea. The same place they broke-up. The school yard. But before I could restart my chase, I was knocked out cold.