Jealousy returns and Gumball gets another pet fish and Darwin gets extremely jealous and feels replaced.


Gumball returns form the pet store with Nicole. She feels worn-out and passes-out on the sofa. Gumball reveals to Darwin that he brought a new pet flounder called Qid. Gumball stops paying attention to the talking Darwin and feeds Qid. Darwin becomes extremely jealous after Jealousy enters his body, and that night Darwin confronts Qid in fish language.

Darwin: Hey, you dumb fish!

Qid: Huh?

Darwin: I know your trying to win Gumball over. But you listen to me: Gumball, is my brother, fish paste!


In a rage Darwin plucks Qid out of the fish bowl and plucks him over the toilet. Gumball comes in and is furious to know he is trying to kill his pet. While Gumball takes Qid back to his bowl, Qid smiles in an evil way at Darwin, who watches in anger. The next few days result in Darwin's failed attempts to kill Qid. None of them work, until . . . . . . . .

One Saturday, Gumball leaves Qid on the edge of the curve to tie his shoe. Darwin unintentionally knocked over the bowl while talking to Tobias. Just before Gumball can react, Qid gets squashed and killed by a passing motorist, as Gumball starts crying in sadness. Darwin tries to make him feel better, and reminds him that he is still his goldfish who's still alive, which immediately makes Gumball feel better. While they walk away with Tobias, Qid's ghost flies out of the road, and smiles in evilness. The End.