The Yearbook (Part 2)
Length 10 Parts
Creator Gumball2
Summary Part Two of The Yearbook.
Previous Part The Yearbook (Part 1)
Next Part The Yearbook (Part 3)
Date of Creation September 12, 2011


Over the course of 2 weeks, Masami kept on imagining her plan working and thus ruining Darwin's life. Then, the day came when they got their yearbooks. Everyone was sitting at their desks as Miss Simian each distributed their yearbooks. Everyone instanly popped opened their yearbooks, dying to know what's inside. While everyone else was exchanging signatures from one another, all Gumball and Darwin were focusing on was looking to see it's contents. But more importantly to them was looking for their pictures. They giggled and laughed as they saw everyone's pictures and especially Anais's. They finally got to their pictures, luckily their's were next to each other. And Gumball read out loud his description, trying to impress everyone. Darwin then also read aloud his description, but was shocked by the description's content. He instantly realized that's not what he wrote. But he prayed to the Lord that no one would recognize the picture. But apparentley, Miss Simian also had a copy of the yearbook and was reading it. But when she saw Darwin's description, she gave an evil laugh, and yelled to everyone to turn to Darwin's description. And that's exactly what everyone did. They read, and they all turned towards Darwin with a mean look. They then rushed toward him and started bullying him. When they got home from school, Darwin exclaims that he can't go back to school. Gumball then tells him that it'll all blow over and things will be back to normal tomorrow. Darwin then agrees and heads back upstairs. Tomorrow morning, Nicole had to drop off the three at school. And at the front of the school was a huge crowd. Some of them had signs that said "DARWIN IS A JERK!" or "DARWIN MUST DIE!". Darwin then hid under the back seat window. Nicole then reads the signs, steps out of the car, and climbs to the top of the car. Nicole then riots in Darwin's defense, however this only made the people angrier. And now, they were charging at the car. Nicole tried to drive away, but the rioters force was powerful enough to restrain the car. So Darwin then took out his cell phone and call 911. Within minutes, the Donut Policeman and other police officers arrived at the school to stop the rioters. But the rioters then charged at the police officers, so Gumball and Darwin ran out of the car and into the school. But by then, people exited from the classrooms and walked towards the duo.