The Yearbook, Part 5


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Part Five




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This is part 5 of "The Yearbook".


Nicole is then driving home from work at the Rainbow Factory, and she then sees a crowd of people on a telephone post, but she ignores it. Not even a mile away, she sees another, and another, and another. By then, she is wondering what the publicity is about. She then gets a phone call from Suzie, a fellow co-worker of Nicole at the Rainbow Factory. This is their conversation:

Suzie: Hi Nicole.

Nicole: Hi Suzie.

Suzie: I'm very sorry for your loss.

Nicole: WHAT!?

Suzie: Didn't you see the posters, the crowds?

Nicole, now worried, hung up her cell phone. She then drove by another crowd, but this time she stopped her car to check. She gets out of her car and fights her way through the large crowd. Back at home, Gumball and Trevor are playing video games. And they seem to be having a good time. That was until Nicole got home. She had her head down, unlike usual. She looked a mourner of someone long dead. Gumball knew why she was like that, but he held it back and asked her instead. Instead of telling him right off the bat, she told him to turn on the TV to the news. Gumball didn't enjoy watching the news, but he did it for Nicole's sake. On the news, there was a reporter, with "Breaking News" in the top right corner. The story was potrayed like this:

Reporter: Hi there, we got some breaking news here in Elmore. Last night, fellow citizen Darwin Watterson has commited suicide. Reporters have found a undone noose in his bedroom, along with unusually large creases. And we also found some blood on the floor, directly below the rope. After reviewing evidence, we found the cause of suicide was bullying. Darwin was a fellow 7th grader at Elmore Junior High School. It turns out that a typo in the yearbook has mistakenly denounced the kid. Large crowds of students have gathered at the school over the last couple of days to beat the living crud out of the defenseless student. We now have some witnesses aboard this most terrible of events.

To Be Continued