Take a look inside Gumball's Life as a werewolf and his attempts to stop becoming a werewolf in this series inspired by 1(zombie)1. Based on the story written on chat.


The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin, now High Schoolers, looking at their old school: ELmore Junior High. Gumball and Darwin remember about going there when they were in Middle School. Suddenly Gumball gets a vision of him and Tobias fighting on the school blacktop. Darwin begins to worry that Gumball's visions are taking away part of Gumball's normal form, as some fur has grown on Gumball's arm and a wolf's tail has begun to grow. Darwin calls the doctor to figure-out Gumball's condition. The doctor, after asking Gumball some questions, tells Gumball that there's nothing they can do, as being bitten is irreversible. The doctor directs Gumball to the were-wolf doctor, who is Mr. Small. He tells the confused Gumball and Darwin abut the basics of pretecting yourself from becoming a were-wolf. However, when Gumball does everything Mr. Small said, everything goes to garbage, and Gumball's were-wolf form battles Gumball's swarn arch-enemy, Jack. Jack manages to escape, but Gumball is tranquilized by Darwin to keep Gumball from fully forming into a wer-wolf. Gumball is kept in a hospital where Jack tries to poison him, but fails when Nicole intervenes. Gumball turns into a were-wolf as his normal mind tries to battle his were-wolf mind. The doctor, Nicole, and Darwin kill Jack and try to find Gumball and keep him from fully forming, which will cause Gumball to forever lose the ability to become normal. Part Two coming soon . . .


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jack and the Hospital.